(2003, DV, 61 min, featuring Chloe Sevigny and Werner von Delmont)
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Get Rid of Yourself is a video-film-tract addressed to those who anonymously embody the return of political activism within Empire. While its initial sounds and images were filmed during the riots in Genoa, 2001, these materials are pulled apart and recomposed in order to locate the intensity of a shared experience, rather than producing one more documentary version of the programmed and hyper-mediatized confrontation of the G8 counter-summit. Elaborating a complex and rhythmic form of address via sound/image disjunctions, cheap video effects and performance, the film declares its own exile from a biopolitical space-time where nothing ever happens. The crisis it announces is the sudden return of history, but this time without characters or a story, and of a politics without subjects.

Provisionally aligning itself with the so-called ‘Black Bloc' movement – with the arrogance of its discourse as well as the force and style of their resistance – Get Rid of Yourself is an encounter with emerging, non-instituted or identity-less forms of protest that refuse the representational politics of the official Left. Edited in the aftermath of 9/11 - a period of doubt, reflection and heightened security measures worldwide – the film also attempts to measure the strange distance these events have crossed, and the increasing repression under which the feeling of ‘civil war' has been buried in the meantime. A filmed essay that works by betraying its own form, Get Rid of Yourself tries to approach what is most open in an event, rather than capturing and completing it as something recognizable.

list of screenings to date


- Globalization / War , Institute for Contemporary Art (ICA), Boston

- In the poem about love you don't write the word love , Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow

- Argosfestival 2005 , Argos Centre for Contemporary Art, Brussels

- Hammer Forum: Bernadette Corporation , Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

- Documentary Frontiers , Union Theater, University of Wisconson, Milwaukee

- Seminal works from the 20th century: Activism , Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

- Artistes et Cinéastes Entre Fiction et Documentaire , organisé par le Centre Pompidou au FIPA-Biarritz (Festival International de la Production Audiovisuelle)


- Get Rid of Yourself and Saute Ma Ville , special screening during a Chantal Ackerman retrospective at Cinematexas, Austin, Texas

- Prospectif Cinéma , Centre Pompidou

- marx' gespenster / RAF' gespenster , Universität der Künste Berlin (UdK)

- New Filmmakers, Anthology Film Archives, New York

- FID hors murs , Marseille


- Passerby , Gavin Brown's Enterprise, NYC

- What the Fuck is Communism? , L'Institut Jean Vigo et L'Ecole Superieure d'art de Perpignan

- Plans to Desert the Overview , Hebbel Theater, Berlin

- Filmstudio der Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig

- Havana Biennale Video Program, Havana, Cuba

- Dresden Postplatz, Dresden

- Video 6: Real Utopia , Galerie fur Landschaftkunst, Hamburg

- Camera Novo , Festival International Documentaire, Marseille

- Film Casino (organized by the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna), Vienna

- Montag praxis , b-books, Berlin

- B-movie (organisé par l'école de Beaux arts Hambourg), Hambourg

- Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg

- PointLignePlan , la Fémis, Paris


- Die Kraft der Negation , organisé par Diedrich Diedrichson, Theatre der Welt festival, Cologne et Berlin